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"I am a husband, father, resident and proud taxpayer of Sarasota County.  I want my county to thrive.  Key to Sarasota County’s continuing prosperity is an adequate supply of good-paying careers, economic diversity and the aggressive protection of our way of life here.  My daughter, Laina, recently graduated from the University of Florida, and my son, Mikey, is currently a Senior at UF and soon to have a mechanical engineering degree.  My wife, Lori (married 27 years), and I very much want them to return to Sarasota after completing their education.  But to return home and contribute to this community they will need secure careers that pay an adequate wage.  We want to watch our grandchildren enjoy one of the best places on earth…Sarasota, Florida!"  
Michael A. Moran, CIC
Sarasota County Commissioner, District 1
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